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How much does an air compressor cost?

May, 17 2022

New industrial and manufacturing equipment can be a big expense for any business and depending on what your compressed air needs are, you could require the use of compressed air 24/7.

It’s widely known that compressed air and the electricity that’s required to power an air compressor will be one of your most expensive utilities. It’s also known that with traditional air compressors only 15 percent of the energy that produces compressed air is put to work, while the rest goes to waste heat. And if there are leaks in your compressed air piping, the amount of wasted energy could double.

How much does an industrial compressed air system cost?

November, 17 2021

Many factory facilities and industrial workplaces will need compressed air – anything from running important manufacturing tools to powering pneumatic production equipment. Many companies are also dependent on compressed air to operate and see compressed as a vital utility – as important as water, power or gas.

Unfortunately, compressed air can be expensive to run and if not used efficiently, can lead to unnecessary waste. This results in high electricity costs that could be avoided.

6 Ways To Save Money In Your Factory

June, 28 2019

1. Reduce power costs

One of the most inefficient energy uses in any factory is compressed air, however it is a vital component of most manufacturing environments.