What Is The Best and Most Efficient Compressed Air Piping?

June, 28 2019 IAS Admin

Are you asking yourself that question right now? Is your compressed air piping letting you and your company down with air leaks, sags, moisture, and other troubles that you just DON’T need?


Piping systems move with the temperature changes in your factory. This can create cracks in PVC piping, and leaks on older galvanised piping systems, both of which are simply pouring your money down the drain. Air piping leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in lost energy each year.

PVC piping systems tend to sag over time, leading to pockets of moisture in your system. With your compressed air passing over these moisture pockets, it’s no wonder additional condensate makes its way into your equipment, potentially ruining it or your new paint finish and costing you thousands of dollars every year in unnecessary energy bills.

Plastic air piping has also been known to explode in below freezing conditions, which are common here in New Zealand’s chilly winters.

Also, iron or steel piping corrodes inside. You may not see it at first glance but it’s continually building up a thick layer of rust, which leads to restriction and, in turn, air pressure drop.  

Reducing corrosion is a high-priority consideration for the longevity and reliability of your air piping system. You can rely on Alu Air to be rust-free. 

Plus, Alu Air compressed air piping is rigid and stable – it will not sag. Another important box is ticked on your checklist!

The thin-walled pipe construction makes for very high air flow rates and, when compared to poly pipe, will transfer up to twice the airflow for the same outside wall diameter.

The smooth internal wall creates very little resistance, reducing pressure drop to an absolute minimum, which increases the air efficiency and leads to significant energy savings, especially with larger compressed air set-ups.

Installation is fast and simple with minimal downtime in your factory or workshop. Alu Air can be easily installed in less than half the time required by other piping.

If you’re planning a whole factory upgrade, or a new system from scratch, or even if you’re looking at making minor changes in your factory, now is the perfect time to consider replacing your old piping system with more efficient Alu Air. It can be added to at any time – a nice bonus when you’re preparing for future growth!


Simply confirm your requirements with us for Alu Air piping. Our Projects Team can estimate your requirements from building plans, or hand-drawn layouts with measurements, and get you on your way to higher factory efficiency.  

You’ll save your company money now and into the future plus you’ll have greater peace of mind about the reliability of your compressed air piping – a true win-win!
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