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Industrial Air Systems NZ is now the leading specialist supplier of Rotary Screw compressors to the NZ industry, and compressed air and on-site nitrogen gas generation plants are second nature to us. With decades of industry experience, including the pioneering of NZ’s No.1 small compressor brand and the more recent appointment of world-class brand – PneuTech, you can be assured your every need is covered.

Designed and manufactured by leading international suppliers, Pneutech Screw compressors will sustain constant use in the harshest of environments, guaranteeing high performance combined with reliable and economical operation - the three most sought after qualities in today’s demanding market.

At Industrial Air Systems we continue to educate our highly skilled team of sales and service technicians with the latest global developments to ensure that our customers are supplied with the most up to date and efficient compressed air and nitrogen solutions.

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