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How much does an air compressor cost?

May, 17 2022

New industrial and manufacturing equipment can be a big expense for any business and depending on what your compressed air needs are, you could require the use of compressed air 24/7.

It’s widely known that compressed air and the electricity that’s required to power an air compressor will be one of your most expensive utilities. It’s also known that with traditional air compressors only 15 percent of the energy that produces compressed air is put to work, while the rest goes to waste heat. And if there are leaks in your compressed air piping, the amount of wasted energy could double.

Reciprocating versus rotary screw compressor – An honest comparison

April, 26 2022

At Industrial Air Systems, although we only stock and supply rotary screw and scroll air compressors, we realise that these two types of compressors may not always be the best solution and in some cases, a reciprocating compressor may be better suited to your needs.

What is a rotary screw air compressor?

April, 20 2022

Rotary screw air compressors are a newer, more advanced type of air compressor. As the name would suggest, a rotary screw compressor uses rotary movements to compress the air – this type of air compressor continues to grow in popularity and is now one of the most widely used compressed air technologies. Renowned for their durability and reliability, rotary screw air compressors are often found in demanding industrial environments that require compressed air 24/7.

Did you know nitrogen can replace CO₂ in food & beverage industries?

March, 29 2022

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) has been used for years in the food and beverage industry for a number of different manufacturing processes. From breweries and wineries to carbonated drink production and food preservation, many manufacturers have relied on CO₂ as a vital part of their processes.

While CO₂ has been the gas of choice for many years, times are quickly changing. Shortages of carbon dioxide supply due to the closure of manufacturing plants are causing rising costs which has made CO₂ unattainable for many manufacturers. Many businesses are now weighing up their options – is there a suitable alternative to CO₂ for food and beverage manufacturing?

Compressed air services across New Zealand

February, 28 2022

When choosing a new compressed air servicing provider or technician it’s important to know exactly what services they provide, and that they will more than meet your compressed air maintenance and repair requirements. Depending on your location in New Zealand, one of the first questions you may have is whether or not they service your location?

Compressed air safety in the workplace

December, 15 2021

Compressed air is commonly found in many industrial workplaces and is used for a variety of different manufacturing and operational applications. While a quality compressed air system can be easy to implement when you have the right supplier on hand, how to safely use compressed air in the workplace is critical. If used incorrectly, compressed air systems have the potential to cause serious damage – not just to the compressor equipment, but to staff as well.

How much does an industrial compressed air system cost?

November, 17 2021

Many factory facilities and industrial workplaces will need compressed air – anything from running important manufacturing tools to powering pneumatic production equipment. Many companies are also dependent on compressed air to operate and see compressed as a vital utility – as important as water, power or gas.

Unfortunately, compressed air can be expensive to run and if not used efficiently, can lead to unnecessary waste. This results in high electricity costs that could be avoided.

Planning a compressed air system for new builds

October, 14 2021

Whether through growth or due to expansion into a new market, many industrial and commercial businesses are constructing new facilities across New Zealand. Building a new facility can be a daunting process. From finding the right section to geotechnical soil surveys and selecting a manufacturing partner to construct the actual building, there can be an overwhelming to-do list emerging. The list of consultants alone required for a new commercial building is quite significant.

Compressed air system safety checks

September, 10 2021

Regular checks and maintenance of your air compressor can ensure that your operations run smoothly. Better yet, preventative safety checks will ensure that you avoid any breaks or faults before they happen, which will ensure no unexpected downtime.

Tips for compressed air piping installation

June, 28 2021

Have you been seeing increased power bills or pressure drops in your compressed air supply? One reason for these changes could be your compressed air piping and more specifically, the layout of your compressed air piping. Having sufficient piping that’s laid out effectively will ensure that your compressed air system operates as efficiently as possible for your needs.