How much does an air compressor cost?

May, 17 2022 IAS Admin

New industrial and manufacturing equipment can be a big expense for any business and depending on what your compressed air needs are, you could require the use of compressed air 24/7.

It’s widely known that compressed air and the electricity that’s required to power an air compressor will be one of your most expensive utilities. It’s also known that with traditional air compressors only 15 percent of the energy that produces compressed air is put to work, while the rest goes to waste heat. And if there are leaks in your compressed air piping, the amount of wasted energy could double.

It’s expected that a new air compressor will be a big expense, however with power costs on top of this and ongoing maintenance and servicing to be factored in, many people are hesitant to invest largely at the beginning. We understand that such a big expense for many businesses is a scary thought which is why we wanted to outline exactly how much an air compressor costs in New Zealand.

Here we provide more information and pricing for two of our popular PneuTech air compressors so you have a better idea of the upfront cost, and what you can expect to pay. We will also outline factors that could influence the cost of your new compressed air system.

First, decide which air compressor you require

Before we dive into the cost of our air compressors, it's important to first understand the type of air compressor that you require. This will be dependent on a number of factors from the environment that the compressor will be used in to how much compressed air you will need – there’s lots to think about.

For example, a small car mechanic will only need to use compressed air intermittently so won’t require access to compressed air around the clock. In comparison, a food manufacturing plant may require compressed air 24/7 so will need an air compressor that’s more heavy-duty, and up to the task.

There are different types of air compressors that are designed for differing needs and uses and as the saying goes, there’s no one size that fits all and the compressed air needs of one factory could be completely different to the next. In saying that, there are two common types of air compressors that you will generally find in any factory or workshop – these are reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors.

Reciprocating air compressors

Traditional reciprocating or ‘piston’ air compressors are commonly found in smaller workshop environments. They are reasonably cheap to run if you only need a small amount of air off and on throughout the day. Designed to only store a small amount of compressed air, reciprocating compressors will become less energy efficient if they are required for more constant use. Like many of us, they perform much better if they can take a break!

Rotary screw air compressors

In comparison, rotary screw compressors are a more advanced type of air compressor; they are higher capacity machines that are designed for continuous use. Most rotary screw compressors will operate at full power all the time, however, the introduction of variable-speed drive technology means that these compressors can supply the exact amount of compressed air required with the ability to automatically switch off and on when required.

Check out this blog for more comparisons between reciprocating and rotary screw compressors >>

Pricing for the PneuTech range of air compressors

Here at Industrial Air Systems we specialise in rotary screw air compressors and supply the world-renowned PneuTech range known for its durability and reliability under pressure. From the Vixen integrated air compressor to the more heavy-duty variable-speed drive permanent magnet compressor, here we detail product specifications and pricing for each range.

Vixen integrated air compressor pricing

Vixen integrated air compressor
The PneuTech range of Vixen permanent magnet screw compressors boasts the lowest lifetime costs when compared with equivalent models. Designed to only use the air that you need and when installed into a business with an air demand that varies throughout the day, the savings can be significant – as high as 60 percent in some cases! The Vixen is often found in smaller industrial environments like panel and paint businesses where the need for compressed air will change throughout the day.

The Vixen range is available in three models: 7.5kW, 11kW and 15kW. All compressors are mounted on air receivers and utilise variable-speed permanent magnet stop/start technology.

The starting price for the 7.5kW Vixen model is $8,890 +GST.*

It’s important to note that you may require a refrigerated dryer and filtration for moisture removal. We call this a “plus” package (compressor, refrigerated dryer and pre-filter). The starting price for the 7.5kW plus package is $10,980 +GST.*

Variable-speed drive permanent magnet compressor pricing

Variable-speed permanent magnet air compressor
The PneuTech range of PM (permanent magnet) variable-speed drive air compressors has been designed with reliability in mind. Often used in heavy-duty industrial and factory environments where the need for compressed air is constant, this range of compressors will bring you substantial energy savings and could significantly lower your electricity bill by up to 40 percent.

The addition of variable-speed drive technology will also increase the working life of the compressor, by reducing the working load and unnecessary wear-and-tear. Further efficiencies will also be seen in your factory with more accurate matching of air supply to the demand, with as little as 120 seconds turn-down time.

The range of PM variable-speed compressors are stocked in seven different models, from 22kW through to 90kW.

The starting price for a 22kW PM variable-speed compressor is $21,390 +GST.*

Again, it’s important to note that you may require additional extras with this air compressor. Some customers like to add a vertical air receiver, refrigerated dryer and filtration to make this a complete package. The starting price for the 22kW “plus” package is $25,490 +GST (compressor, vertical receiver, refrigerated dryer and pre-filter).*

Contact us to discuss pricing

Now that you have an understanding of the starting prices for two of our most popular air compressor products, you should be in a better position to budget how much you may need to spend upfront, on a new air compressor. It’s important to note that all compressed air systems we provide for our customers are bespoke to their needs – while a Vixen may be sufficient for one business, another business down the road could require a Vixen, filtration and more!

For a more accurate estimation of how much you could spend on a new air compressor, we always encourage you to get in touch with us to request a quote. We will be able to specify the model and size of the compressor that will best match your compressed air requirements. We will also be able to advise on any additional compressed air equipment that could lead to a more energy-efficient compressed air system.

To contact us for a quote and to discuss pricing, simply click below.

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*The starting prices in this article should be used as a guide only. For accurate pricing please get in touch with us here to request a quote. All pricing mentioned in this article includes freight to a business address.

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