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On-site inspections, audits of compressed air systems & complete factory fit-outs, we’re your business’s perfect partner in compressed air. Our specialist technicians become your specialist technicians. As part of the international compressed PneuTech Group, our international contacts are available to source the best compressors worldwide. Our New Zealand-based team are here to consult you on the best solution for your unique needs.

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Industrial Air Systems air compressors

Industrial air compressors for any application

From 7.5kW to 4,400kW compressors. Fixed-speed, variable-speed, permanent magnet, turbo, low pressure, high pressure and more, we have your every compressed air need covered. Learn more...

Industrial Air Systems nitrogen generators

On-site nitrogen generators

See huge cost-savings for your business by generating your own nitrogen gas. We have unique skid-mount and containerised modular systems, perfect for plug-and-play nitrogen as well as custom factory installs. Learn more...

Oxyswing oxygen generators from Industrial Air Systems

Oxygen generation packages

Our oxygen generation packages can provide significant cost benefits over bottled oxygen and are used in many medical and industrial applications. Other benefits include no logistics for oxygen supply and unlimited capacity. Learn more...

Industrial Air Systems air receivers

High-quality air receivers for all compressed air

270 litre to 50,000 litre capacity for compressed air, nitrogen gas and oxygen requirements. Our air receivers are painted, galvanised or stainless steel finished and certified for NZ standards and seismic requirements. Learn more...

Compressed air and nitrogen for laser cutting

Laser Cutting Systems

Our range of compressed air and nitrogen gas systems for laser cutting will provide you with a cost-effective, contaminant-free solution for your business. Learn more...

Industrial Air Systems air treatment

Dryers & Filtration

Reduce costly downtime by ensuring your compressed air is free of any unwanted particles. Our air treatment products include refrigerated and desiccant dryers (low to high pressure) and sterile filtration. Learn more...

Industrial Air Systems air piping

The complete compressed air piping system

Generally recognised as the best choice for compressed air reticulation, our Alu Air piping range is suitable for all compressed air and nitrogen gas applications from 20mm to 250mm piping. Learn more...

Industrial Air Systems 24/7 support

24/7 Support, 365 days per year

With over 14 decades of combined experience, and unlimited global support, we can provide the ideal solution to your compressed air challenges. And with 24/7 back-up support, 365 days a year, we have your factory covered, whatever your compressed air needs. Learn more...

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Popular products

As the leading specialist supplier of Rotary Screw compressors to the New Zealand market, compressed air and on-site nitrogen gas generation plants are second nature to us. Our decades of industry experience has combined with world-class brand PneuTech so you can be assured your every need is covered. Browse some of our popular compressed air products below.

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Variable-speed Air Compressors

Achieve substantial energy savings and lower electricity costs

PneuTech’s RSCRV and RSCRPM series of variable-speed drive rotary screw compressors have achieved well-deserved renown in the market place for their unparalleled performance and reliability. The flagship permanent magnet screw series brings a new generation of power-saving benefits to the VSD compressor group, with cutting edge proven engineering processes.


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Permanent magnet variable-speed air compressor

Pneupress Stainless Steel Compressed Air Piping

An innovative compressed air piping system that offers fast and easy installation.

Pneupress stainless steel press-fit piping provides a simple and low cost alternative to labour-intensive and costly fabricated systems. Incorporating all the benefits of sterile and neat stainless pipework, Pneupress ensures efficiency and reliability for your compressed air piping.

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Pneupress stainless steel piping
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Alu Air Piping

Easy-to-install compressed air piping systems

A correctly installed compressed air reticulation system will bring the most effective compressed air transfer to your factory. The Alu Air piping system provides the ultimate compressed air reticulation, with high long-lasting performance – a reliable solution.


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Alu Air piping

Industries we service

Your business relies on compressed air to function. Our expertise in compressed air systems enables us to find the best solution, for you. We believe that the pressure should stay in the pipe, and not on your finances so we work with businesses like yours to fix faults, optimise efficiency, and reduce downtime. See the industries where we commonly provide solutions.

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