November, 23 2017 IAS Admin
The essence of a good compressed air investment is regarded as “lifetime cost”. Lifetime cost is a combination of initial capital cost, energy cost, maintenance costs and any other associated remedial costs, all added together over the lifetime of the system. It is no surprise that Pneutech Au Air reticulation system provides among the lowest of lifetime costs when compared with equivalent systems in today’s industry.
Remember: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten”.

The correct installation of the Alu Air compressed air reticulation system will bring the most effective compressed air transfer to your factory, by increasing the energy efficiency of the air supply, increasing productivity and reducing downtime and maintenance costs. In fact, like plumbing is required to reticulate your water services, air piping is a necessity for an effective compressed air supply.
As used for modern aircraft, large water craft, quality vehicles, and so many other items demanding top performance and longevity, the properties of aluminium provide superior durability, and corrosion resistance.
The Alu Air pipe system provides the ultimate compressed air reticulation, with a high performance, long lasting and reliable solution.


1.Higher Air Flow
The thin walled pipe construction makes for very high air flow rates and when compared to poly pipe will transfer up to twice the airflow for the same outside wall diameter.

2.Fire Proof
The Alu Air metal fitting range has a melting point of 600°C, making it very resistant to fire damage.

3.Large Energy Savings
The smooth internal wall creates very little resistance, reducing pressure drop to an absolute minimum, which increases the flow efficiency and leads to significant energy savings, especially with larger compressed air set-ups.

4.Rigid With Minimal Support
The aluminium piping is both lightweight and exceptionally rigid, requiring less than half the usual supports as needed by equivalent piping systems.

5.No Water Collecting Sags
There is no risk of sagging (and resulting water accumulation), and even in adverse climates of -20°C to 100°C the Alu Air stays as you hung it – dead straight. Alu Air aluminium piping can be hung by a single installer saving expensive labour charges.

6.Fast & Easy Installation
The new Alu Air aluminium piping can be easily installed in less than half the time required by other piping – and without the need of professional labour. No special tooling is required, no welding, and no glue. The aluminium tube is simply cut to length by a tube cutter, and fastened to framing, walls, and concrete by support brackets.

7.Large Range
With sizes ranging from 20mm up to 160mm, the Alu Air range can suit flow up to 6000cfm and suit down to a small workshop application. Alu Air piping is available to reticulate inert gases, water, and oil.

8.Add To Suit Later
The saddle clams are designed to be added to the piping system at any point, enabling a dropper or extension to be fitted at a later point to suit changing requirements.

9.Double Locking Clamp
The alloy fittings feature a double lock clamp system, ensuring the strongest connection, and for pressures up to 40 bar.

10.Push-On Fittings
The piping utilises lightweight and strong nylon or aluminium push-lock style fittings, which can be disassembled and reused at any point down the track. This means the system can be very simply extended, altered, or completely dismantled as is so often the need with changing compressed air requirements.

With a tough anodised coating, the aluminium pipe is good for both interior and exterior use, and unlike black or galvanised pipe will not build up an air restricting crust of rust over time. In fact, Alu Air will naturally form a protective oxidation layer internally, making it impervious to further corrosion.


“Industrial Air Systems installed the Alu Air piping system into our new animal supplements manufacturing facility, and it has worked extremely well, providing consistent air supply to all areas of our busy production. Alu Air looks good, is leak-free and gives high effective air flow, and we recommend it.” - Animal Supplements Manufacturing Company

“After exploring all the options regarding an air reticulation system for our new 6000m² manufacturing facility in Christchurch, we decided to enlist Industrial Air Systems to install their Alu Air compressed air piping system. The system incorporates pipe sizes from 25mm to 63mm, with approximately 30+ branches feeding our machines.
We used this system because Alu Air facilitates high flow rates, minimum pressure drop, minimal turbulence, and offers corrosion resistant properties. Installation was no fuss and we now have a leak free system for many years to come.” - Plastic Manufacturing Plant
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