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How much does an air compressor cost?

May, 17 2022

New industrial and manufacturing equipment can be a big expense for any business and depending on what your compressed air needs are, you could require the use of compressed air 24/7.

It’s widely known that compressed air and the electricity that’s required to power an air compressor will be one of your most expensive utilities. It’s also known that with traditional air compressors only 15 percent of the energy that produces compressed air is put to work, while the rest goes to waste heat. And if there are leaks in your compressed air piping, the amount of wasted energy could double.

Reciprocating versus rotary screw compressor – An honest comparison

April, 26 2022

At Industrial Air Systems, although we only stock and supply rotary screw and scroll air compressors, we realise that these two types of compressors may not always be the best solution and in some cases, a reciprocating compressor may be better suited to your needs.

What is a rotary screw air compressor?

April, 20 2022

Rotary screw air compressors are a newer, more advanced type of air compressor. As the name would suggest, a rotary screw compressor uses rotary movements to compress the air – this type of air compressor continues to grow in popularity and is now one of the most widely used compressed air technologies. Renowned for their durability and reliability, rotary screw air compressors are often found in demanding industrial environments that require compressed air 24/7.

How much does an industrial compressed air system cost?

November, 17 2021

Many factory facilities and industrial workplaces will need compressed air – anything from running important manufacturing tools to powering pneumatic production equipment. Many companies are also dependent on compressed air to operate and see compressed as a vital utility – as important as water, power or gas.

Unfortunately, compressed air can be expensive to run and if not used efficiently, can lead to unnecessary waste. This results in high electricity costs that could be avoided.

Compressed air system safety checks

September, 10 2021

Regular checks and maintenance of your air compressor can ensure that your operations run smoothly. Better yet, preventative safety checks will ensure that you avoid any breaks or faults before they happen, which will ensure no unexpected downtime.

How to reduce air compressor noise

April, 28 2021

Traditionally, air compressors have been known to produce a lot of noise. They need a motor to produce compressed air so it’s become expected that an air compressor of any shape or size will produce some sound. It’s almost inevitable, especially for larger air compressors required for industrial factory applications. But is there anything that can be done to reduce the noise that an air compressor makes? And is there such a thing as a quiet air compressor?

Vixen versus fixed-speed air compressor

February, 25 2021

Purchasing a new industrial air compressor for your workshop or factory can be a big investment so you’ll want to make sure that the compressor you choose is not only the most efficient for your needs, but that it’s cost-effective too.

There are different types of compressors available that are designed for specific purposes and some will be more suited for your needs based on whether you need to use compressed air for short amounts of time, or around the clock. Rotary screw compressors such as fixed-speed and variable-speed compressors are both popular options for various reasons and each have their own benefits.

Best industrial air compressors for manufacturing

January, 28 2021

Air compressors are used in many different applications and workplaces, from large factory facilities to smaller workshops. Compressed air is needed in many manufacturing industries which includes primary producers, consumer goods packaging, automotive and construction.

So that these industries can perform at their peak and manufacture everything they need to, they must have the right industrial equipment in place, this includes industrial air compressors.

Optimising your industrial air compressor

November, 19 2020

As we all know, energy is an important part of our day-to-day lives in New Zealand. Energy is needed to power the devices in our homes, heat our workplaces, and transport us where we need to go – whether that be across the country or down the road. Our energy consumption as a country is 589PJs or 0.15% of the world’s total annual consumption – while that may seem small in comparison, the effects can have long-term consequences.

Should I use a fixed-speed or variable-speed air compressor?

September, 15 2020

Whether you need an air compressor for a small workshop or perhaps you require a more advanced system for a manufacturing operation, there are now many different types and sizes of air compressor at your disposal. As technology has advanced so too has the technology that powers air compressors – there’s no longer a ‘one size fits all’. The type of air compressor that you choose for your business will be determined by a number of factors and it’s not as easy anymore as simply deciding between a rotary screw or a piston air compressor.