Critical compressor air supply with food-grade, oil-free compressed air and sterile filtration

Industrial Air Systems is an active supplier and supporter of many specialist industries and producers including pharmaceutical and health product manufacturers. These industries often involve a critical compressed air supply, and we can supply a full range of compressed air treatment equipment, including custom-made dryers, to furnish the air to suit your specialist requirement.


Compressed Air Dryers

Desiccant or adsorption dryers are installed when the level of drying required is as low as -40°C des point, guaranteeing an ultimately moisture-free air supply, where there otherwise mya be a risk of product spoil or bacteria growth. 

The PneuTech desiccant dryers are utilised in dairy, food and pharmaceutical processes, and when combined with correct line filtration, can assist in achieving a very clean, dry and contaminant-proof compressed air supply to your factory.

Cured meats