RSCRD-V Series Oil-Free

Pneutech's RSCRD-V Series oil-free, variable speed, rotary screw compressors are fast becoming a status symbol for safety and solidity. Renowned for their unparalleled performance and long term reliability, these screw compressors demonstrate superior design and cutting edge technology, combined with proven engineering.

RSCRD-V Series Oil-Free

Producing the cleanest and highest purity level of oil-free air, the RSCRD-V Series compressors guarantee food safety.

With the 100% oil-free Class-0 Certification, there is no need to worry about air/oil separator changes, or oil contamination testing. The RSCRD-V eliminates all traces of oil contamination from the air supply at the source.
Combining VSD (variable speed drive) technology with a superior 2-stage air end and tough Teflon-coated rotors, the PneuTech oil-free series will provide peace-of-mind for any food grade production facility.

Guaranteed Safety
  • 100% oil-free air supply for Class-0 air quality
  • Unique labyrinth oil seal design with stainless steel air seals
  • Tough Teflon coated rotors
  • Hydraulic-action suction valve for consistency in high-demand operations
Sterile Stainless Steel

Stainless steel and aluminium piping connects the intercooler and second stage chambers, further ensuring a contamination-free air compression process to enhance the coating life.

Standby Function

When the compressed air demand is very low or stops completely, the compressor will enter a standby-idle position, still maintaining the system pressure, but with minimal or zero load and current requirement, thus saving energy.

The intelligent controller can be programmed to customise the standby and stop-start modes, to optimise the compressed air delivery and economise on energy consumption, tailored to suit your application.

Ever Reliable with Heavy-Duty Features
  • Up to 50% larger and heavier than most other equivalent rotary screw compressors
  • 2-Stage oversized air intake filtration for clean, trouble-free operation
  • Premium direct geared drive transmission for 100% power transfer
  • 30% larger after-cooler for extreme operating conditions of up to 45°C ambient temperature
Intelligent Micro Controller

Simple yet smart. Monitor the pressure, temperature, current display service cycles, system faults, on-load-off-load duty cycles. Up to 13 protection alarms including reverse rotation. Connect with other compressors or your computer for remote monitoring or interface with PneuTech’s Master Controller and operate up to 8 compressors in sequence.

High-Efficiency Motor

World renowned Mepps 2 drive motors with class-F insulation and B temperature resistance, offers ultimate protection against dust and chemicals. Specially designed to provide optimum power over a broad speed range, the motor is equipped with external grease points for a long and reliable service life.

Two-Stage Air Ends

Two sets of twin air ends feature two-stage compression and oil removal with stage 1 as lubricated and stage 2 dry, for 100% safe and oil free air supply. The oversized German made air ends feature special high-efficiency rotor profiles, SKF tapered, cone roller bearings and triple seal, Teflon oil seals for performance and long term reliability.

Air or Water Cooled

Option of air of water cooled to suit your application and facility.

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