SM Series Centrifugal (Turbo) Compressors

From the world-class Samsung jet-engine factory, high-output, high performance oil-free turbo compressors, designed using the latest aerodynamic technology.

SM Series Compressor

Industrial Air Systems and the PneuTech group have partnered with Samsung for their state-of-the-art SM Centrifugal compressor series.

Samsung’s SM series is possibly the world’s best centrifugal compressor, developed by the technologies and reputation acquired through the outstanding performance of its aircraft engines in the global market.
Experience the real value of the SM series in any application requiring an efficient and reliable compressor with high volume demands.

The SM series, with outstanding performance, reliability, and a proven track-record in the harshest of environments, will meet and exceed your expectations every time.

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Optimum Design Features
  • Aerodynamic impeller efficiency, maximised with 3-dimensional CFD analysis
  • Rotor design optimised by dynamic analysis from the aerospace industry
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel impellers, with backward leaning blades for higher efficiency
  • Bull gear and pinions designed and manufactured to stringent AGMA 12 and AGMA 13 specifications respectively
  • Inlet guide vane control matches compressor output to system demand for reduced power consumption
  • PLC control monitors all critical parameters including temperature, pressure and vibration levels along with motor data, and advance warning on changing values to help eliminate unscheduled stoppages.
  • Critical functions are monitored for shutdown to prevent any damages on the components.
Reverse Rotation Prevention

An additional system protection is offered by the optional reverse rotation clutch that protects the compressor from potential damage caused by the back pressure in the event of check valve failure. (This feature is an optional extra).

Air and Oil Seals Manufactured to API Standards
  • 100% oil-free air is assured by 4 stages of sealing
  • Combination of labyrinth and carbon seals results in exceptional seal life
  • Air leakage and the resulting loss of efficiency are minimised
  • Low lubricating pressure reduces the chance of an oil leak.
Control System with Samsung’s Unique Electronics Technology

New surge control logic improves surge margin by 3% to 5%, resulting in more stable operation. Optional power interruption control minimises unscheduled stops due to power glitches.

Total Package Quality Assurance Programme
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Samsung has added its own quality assurance programme based on the aviation industry’s quality control practices, resulting in the highest quality compressor available.
  • Samsung Customer Support Network provides the most reliable after-sales service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, backed by local partners such as Industrial Air Systems NZ Ltd.
Lower Energy Costs with Advanced Aerodynamic Design
  • High efficiency impeller with wide operational turndown range results in lower overall operating expense and less loading and unloading.
  • Inlet guide vanes help match compressor output to demand, while providing proportional turndown in power consumption
  • Load and unload cycles are minimised by the wide turndown range, saving wear and increasing reliability and energy savings.
Easy Maintenance
  • Horizontally split bearings, gearbox and seals allow quick service with minimal downtime
  • Intercooler designed to make tubes mechanically cleanable, and ensure cooler performance with minimal pressure drop
  • Complete access to bearings and seals without disturbing air piping
  • Taper-pin gearbox design allows quick and accurate reassembly
Large Colour LCD Touch Screen
  • Logical presentation of all parameters with user friendly interface and real-time operation status
  • Automatic dual or modulating control
  • Optional web based controls allow operators to access the control system any time, any where.