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Manufacturing & Process

Industrial Air Systems NZ has designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a large number of compressed air systems all types of manufacturing industries New Zealand.

Our client base includes some more specialist air system applications including:
  • Sock manufacturing
  • Electrical circuit and contactor board manufacturing
  • Soap manufacturing
  • Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Dairy Milk Powder Structures
  • Paint Colour chart manufacturers
Manufacturing and process

Large Compressed Air

Industrial Air Systems screw compressor range goes right up to 400Kw, (2577cfm) available in variable speed type, low pressure, high pressure, and oil free for those critical applications.
Air compressor delivery

Reducing Operating Costs

Manufacturing in today’s competitive environment, is focusing more and more on reducing energy costs, and as the fourth largest utility, and an inefficient one at that, compressed air should be the first area to look at.

Industrial Air Systems is focused on supporting energy efficiency, and after reliability, it our first consideration when scoping to supply new compressed air plant, and reticulation.

Pneutech’s VSD or Variable Speed Drive screw compressors can achieve up to 35% energy savings alone, before looking at other areas such as adequate compressed air piping, operating pressure, air leaks, and compressor stop/start sequence.
Energy savings

Testimonial - Ultrabend Industries Ltd.

"We are very reliant on a high quality compressed air supply for critical areas of our production process, with reliability and performance of equipment and availability of technical back up and service all being very important to us.

"In 2012 various items of our air supply system had reached the end of their useful life and needed to be replaced. After quite extensive research into what was available we engaged Industrial Air Systems NZ to supply and install a Pneutech rotary screw VSD air compressor and compatible dryer into our production facility. The compressor was installed and commissioned by Industrial Air System’s local contract service technician- Richard Perkins.

"The new compressor promised significant cost advantages both in capital outlay and ongoing running costs compared to packages we were offered from other suppliers, and the installation was performed very professionally and effectively. We are very pleased with the actual installed performance of the equipment.

"I have known the team at Industrial Air Systems NZ and Nick Richards personally for almost 20 years and have no hesitation recommending their advice, equipment and their experience in the compressed air industry, to any company requiring a high level of expertise and reliability."

Graeme Turley

Ultrabend Industries Ltd.

Superior Piping System

As a plumbing system is a prerequisite to conveying water around your home, so is a proper compressed air piping system, to reticulate air from the compressor to the various points of use.

In fact, the air compressor plant is only half the package, as if that air cannot be conveyed effectively, your air supply suddenly becomes very expensive and inefficient to use, and it defeats the purpose of having the right equipment in the first place. 

The Alu Air compressed aluminium air pipe system is the superior way of ensuring you get the best productivity from your compressed air set-up, and the most air at the lowest cost.

Ranging from 20mm for reticulating up to 70cfm (depending on the distance) right up to 200mm for conveying 1000’s of cfm, we are able to scope, design, supply, and install a pipe system to suit your needs.

Alu Air can also be used for reticulating water and inert gases such as N2 and CO2.

Our installations include a large 160mm system comprising 1000m of ringmain and droppers.

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