Design, supply, installation and commissioning of full compressed air systems for all manufacturing and process industries.

Industrial Air Systems has designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a large number of compressed air systems for all types of manufacturing industries in New Zealand.

Our client base includes some more specialist air system applications including:
  • Sock manufacturing
  • Large timber saw mill
  • Electrical circuit and contactor board manufacturing
  • Soap manufacturing
  • Stainless steel tubes & bends
  • Dairy milk powder structures
  • Paint colour chart manufacturers
  • Furniture & joinery manufacturers
  • Bus body manufacturers

There are many suitable installation packages for manufacturers.  Some of these include:

All-in One Package

The Vixen Series of fully integrated rotary screw compressors, includes the compressor, receiver, and PLC controller all in one convenient unit.  A refrigerated dryer and filtration can be added for moisture removal if required, usually needed for manufacturing applications.

Vixen Series screw compressor advantages over the dated piston type compressor;

  • High-efficiency permanent magnet motor
  • Up to 60% savings on air power costs
  • Energy saving special dual cooling system
  • Unlimited motor start/stops per hour
  • Direct connection (no gearing)
  • Low noise – only 68 to 72 dBA
 Piping systems in a factory

Larger Compressed Air Needs

Industrial Air Systems screw compressor range goes right up to 400kW, available in variable speed, fixed speed, low pressure, high pressure and oil-free for all applications.  Typically these larger rotary screw compressor installations incorporate separate air dryers, filtration, and storage receivers, depending on your particular or specialist requirement.

Piping systems in a plant

Compressed Air Piping Systems

The Alu Air compressed aluminium air pipe system is the superior way of ensuring you get the best productivity from your compressed air set-up, and the most air at the lowest cost.

Ranging from 20mm for reticulating up to 70cfm (depending on the distance) right up to 250mm for conveying 1000’s of cfm, we are able to scope, design, supply, and install a pipe system to suit your needs.

Alu Air can also be used for reticulating water and inert gases such as N2 and CO2 (water may need pre-treatment to meet certain chemical requirements).


Case studies: