Providing air systems that deliver optimum performance

Health and safety regulations in the dairy industry are of utmost importance in keeping processes and the finished product free from contaminants. Industrial Air Systems NZ specialises in providing clean and dry compressed air and gas solutions, tailored to suit a wide range of applications within these critical manufacturing processes.

Dairy produce

Class-0 Oil-Free Air

Industrial Air Systems Pneutech Oil-Free air compressors are ideal for applications in the food industry. They generate 100%, oil-free air while providing the benefit of low operating and maintenance costs with an efficient rotary screw system. Proven designs and quality engineering ensure the Pneutech oil-free compressors only deliver optimum performance, and arguably the highest reliability, in the oil-free compressed air class.

Technologists in a processing plant

Air Treatment Equipment

Just as important as the compressor, are the filtration and drying processes, which serve to remove unwanted water and other contaminants from the compressed air supply. We understand the particular needs for every different application, and offer a wide range of both standard refrigerated and specialist desiccant compressed air dryers to suit your requirement.

We also offer a wide range of Pneutech industrial filtration for both non-critical, and sterile applications, to facilitate Class 4 to Class 1 grade compressed air.

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Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen gas is widely used in the dairy industry, and an in-house Nitrogen Generator will bring huge reductions to your gas cost and increase your productivity and quality control no-end.

We at Industrial Air Systems can offer the world-class Pneutech modular generator with the facility to add further modules and capacity to the generator as your business and production increases over time.

The in-house nitrogen generation system brings many additional benefits to cost savings including the below:
  • Adjustable and reliable purity control from 95 to 99.99%
  • Guaranteed 24/7 delivery,  on-tap.
  • Greater quality control by enabling the use of this low-cost N2 gas supply in so many additional applications.
  • Safety, with no high pressure gas storage, and no bottle handling