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Automotive & Service Industry

Industrial Air Systems NZ is a leading supplier of compressed air systems to the automotive repair and servicing industry of New Zealand.

Whether you are conducting general automotive repairs, specialist transmission rebuilds, or focused on the paint and panel repair industry, we have the rotary screw compressed air set up to suit your particular requirements.

Clean, dry, quiet and reliable, you will be hard-pressed to find a better compressed air supply to help run your operation, than the world-renowned Pneutech rotary screw compressor range.

All-in One Package

The RKB Series of fully integrated rotary screw compressors, includes the compressor, receiver, refrigerated dryer, and PLC controller all in one convenient unit.

RKB Series screw compressor Advantages over the dated piston type compressor;
  • Higher efficiency, up to 33% more air output
  • Lower running cost, up to 25% cost reduction
  • Up to 100% duty cycle, for continuous running
  • Longer life, up to 4 times service life
  • Low noise, 68 - 72dBA
  • Reliability, less service required

Ranging from 20cfm for 1-2 men, up to 74cfm for a 7-8 strong team; these high quality European-made screw compressors represent exceptional value, bringing  pristine air, performance, reliability, and low cost operation to increase your productivity.

RKB Series

Large Compressed Air

Industrial Air Systems screw compressor range goes right up to 400Kw, (2577cfm) available in variable speed type, low pressure, high pressure, and oil free for those critical applications.

Compressor delivery

Typically these large rotary screw compressor installations incorporate separate air dryers, filtration, and storage receivers, depending on your particular or specialist requirement.

Compressed Air Piping System

As a plumbing system is a prerequisite to conveying water around your home, so is a proper compressed air piping system, to reticulate air from the compressor to the various points of use.

In fact, the air compressor plant is only half the package, as if that air cannot be conveyed effectively, and your air suddenly becomes very expensive and inefficient to use, and it defeats the purpose of having the right equipment in the first place. 

The Alu Air compressed aluminium air pipe system is the superior way of ensuring you get the best productivity from your compressed air set-up, and the most air at the lowest cost.

Delivery system
Compressed air piping

Piping system

System installation

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