Workplace Sanitisation Station

Install the PROTECT station, and keep your staff and business safe by insisting on sanitisation on entry and exit to the workplace.


The Protect Sanitise Station is a mobile,  one-stop-shop to keep people safe through regular cleanliness and disinfection.


The components can be customised to suit your particular requirements, however, standard configuration includes the following:  



  • Triple glove holder for 3 boxes of disposable gloves (gloves not included)
  • Single holder for 1 box of face masks (masks not included)
  • Paper towel dispenser (full)
  • Hands free auto sanitiser dispenser (full)
  • Hand and surface spray bottle dispenser
  • 5 Litre rubbish bin
  • Spare compartments for stocking refills, (will fit FT4E fogging machine)
  • 850 W X 400 D X 1700 H


  • Triple glove holder for 3 boxes of disposable gloves (gloves not included)
  • Hands free auto sanitiser dispenser (full)
  • Spare compartments for rubbish bin (bin not included) and product refills
  • 600 W X 400 D X 1700 H

Not only stylish and well presented,  the PROTECT station is built strong from high-strength birch-ply construction, and finished in the renowned HPL laminate – durable to most treatment including aggressive solvents.


Ideally suited to your factory, workshop, office, staff room or amenities;  contact us now to place your PROTECT order today, to reassure your staff, and protect your workplace from further disruption.


Three delivery configurations are available:

  • PROTECT STANDARD fully assembled, ready to roll into place $1,990 + GST and freight
  • PROTECT STANDARD flat-packed, ready to self-assemble (instructions included) $1,790 + GST and freight
  • PROTECT MINI flat-packed, ready to self assemble (instructions included) $1,290 + GST and freight


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