Ensure a contaminant-free workplace with dry-fog

What are the advantages?

Using ultrafine particles, dry fogging machines allow highly effective disinfection of critical spaces with the minimum of disruption to the rooms. Ultra fine particles reach into nooks, crevices and corners that disinfecting sprays and wipes can't.

Dry fogging of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide is an enhanced cleaning protocol that is applied in conjunction with normal cleaning procedures, and is suitable for the effective treatment of a wide variety of surfaces. Suitable for all applications including food & beverage, medical & health, public spaces, process, factories & workshops.

We have options of both portable electric fogging machines, plus more permanently installed systems which use compressed air to operate.

Portable machines are available ex stock in New Zealand - contact us today to discuss the best solution for your requirements.

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Onsite fogging sanitisation

Some of our models in stock

FT4E jpeg image FT10E Fogger

FT4E & FT10E 

Suitable for many applications including:

  • Vehicles (Paint / Panel Shops)
  • Hotels
  • Schools & Early Childhood Education Centres
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Bus Companies
  • Warehouse / Workshop
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