Oxygen Generators

Medical Grade, General Use and Specialist High-Purity Applications

Oxyswing oxygen generators PneuTech oxygen generation packages can provide significant cost-benefits over bottled oxygen and are used in many medical and industrial applications.

PneuTech has paired with renowned Italian manufacturer, Noxerior, for a superior oxygen generation product offering, with modular concepts allowing maximum flexibility to the end-user.  This OXYSWING range of single modules can be installed on their own or in banks of up to 6 (1 x Master + 5 x Slave Units).

PSA oxygen generators

The air we breathe is comprised of the following gases:


The air we breathe is comprised of different gases

The OXYSWING range are PSA generators, which means 'Pressure Swing Adsorption', and work like this:


Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process

The benefits of PSA oxygen generators

The benefits of a PSA oxygen generator over against liquid oxygen (LOX) or high-pressure cylinders or cylinder bundles are more stable purity levels, unlimited capacity, no logistics for oxygen supply, increased safety with working with low-pressure, and a fixed oxygen cost.


The OXYSWING generators are suitable for outputs of 45 to 1,050 ltr/min, at 6 bar pressure and 93% purity level for EU and US Pharmacopeia standards.


The OXYPURE generators are ultra-high purity oxygen generators producing 99% to 99.5% purity levels at ranges from 2.3m3/hour to 43.2m3/hour, and 6 or 10 bar pressure.


The new fully incorporated OXYPLUS is a compact generator, featuring it's own built-in air compressor, touchscreen display, is fully mobile, and has two output ranges of 10 or 20 Ltr/min.


OxyPlus compact oxygen generator
The OXYSWING range includes Siemens touch screen controls, USB data-logging, remote control & monitoring options through a web interface, with optional Wi-fi connection with an app for smartphone or tablets.  High-efficiency silencers, an inbuilt oxygen analyser with zirconium oxide cells, electronic mass flow meter, and several data communication options are just some of the features of this great range.
Oxyswing touch screen controls
Noxerior generators are certified according to the following international standards:
  • ISO9001:2008
  • ISO14001:2004
  • EMAS
  • PED 97/23/CE - Module H
  • ISO13485:2012 (Medical Devices)
  • Product Certification CE 93/42 (Medical Devices)

PneuTech’s oxygen generator packages are available in skid-mount, containerised, or full factory install configurations. All are pre-tested in our own factory before being delivered to your site, with the skid-mounted and containerised options being fully plug-and-play. The factory install configuration is re-assembled and tested on your site by our experienced technicians before final commissioning and training with your staff.

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