Containerised Nitrogen Generators

Assembled and pre-commissioned in our factory, the containerised nitrogen generator packages are delivered to your site, fully charged with nitrogen and ready to go.

Containerised Nitrogen Generators

PneuTech nitrogen generation packages incorporate decades of experience, innovation and design to provide one of the highest air to nitrogen conversions and lowest maintenance costs in the industry. Performance, efficiency, longevity and reliability are all hallmarks of a PneuTech world-class on-site nitrogen generation package.
Did you know that approximately 78% of the dry are we breath is made up of nitrogen gas, while the other 22% is made up of oxygen (21%) and a mixture of argon, carbon, and toxic gases? The cost of extracting this nitrogen gas on site with your own generation package, can be as low as $0.10/m3 – up to 90% cheaper than bottled gas or bulk liquid nitrogen.
PneuTech’s containerised packages come fully assembled in a new 20ft or 40ft container with ducting and ventilation. Commissioned and tested in our factory prior to despatch, the complete system is plug-and-play, ready for operation.
Containerised packages are designed for outdoor placement, and can be tailored to your requirements. They would typically include compressor, dryer (refrigerated or desiccant), air & nitrogen receivers, nitrogen generator, filtration, drains and interconnecting piping. For high-pressure applications a booster compressor and gas-bottle filling station are also common additions.

Huge Cost Savings

A relatively low-cost investment, combined with very low operating costs, makes for a short payback period and impressive ongoing production cost savings.

The low-cost generation of your own nitrogen gas can replace the use of inferior substitute gases such as Argon and CO2, as this quality inert gas becomes so affordable.


With fully automated and unattended nitrogen generation, this gas is on hand for use 24/7, 365 days a year.  No more running out of gas, no more bottle handling and storage, no more large truck transportation – on tap whenever you need it!

Guaranteed Purity Stability

Real-time purity monitoring and high quality adsorption processes guarantee a stable, and highly reliable nitrogen gas supply at all times, eliminating ‘batch’ variations as with a delivered supply.


With adjustable purity levels and customisation of plant to suit your requirements, the PneuTech nitrogen generation system offers total flexibility to your production process.

Modular or Twin Tower Systems

Total flexibility is achieved with the ability to add additional capacity modules at a later date to meet increasing production demands.  The patented ‘slave’ module is the same design as the main ‘master’ modular generator but without the PLC controls and power supply.  It can be added to increase the original nitrogen gas capacity by up to three times, to a total of 24 units.
Twin tower systems are generally used for larger applications.

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