Alu Air Piping 20mm – 63mm

Quick-install nylon fittings for simple and easy-to-install piping systems, which can be disassembled and re-used if needed.

Alu Air Piping 20mm – 63mm

A correctly installed Alu Air compressed air reticulation system will bring the most effective compressed air transfer to your factory, by increasing the energy efficiency of the air supply, increasing productivity and reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

In fact, like plumbing is required to reticulate your water services, air piping is a necessity for an effective compressed air supply.
As used for modern aircraft, large water craft, quality vehicles and so many other items demanding top performance and longevity, the properties of aluminium provide superior durability and corrosion resistance.
The Alu Air pipe system provides the ultimate compressed air reticulation, with a high performance, long lasting and reliable solution.

Alu Air Piping 20mm to 63mm

Higher Air Flow

The thin walled pipe construction makes for very high air flow rates and when compared to poly pipe will transfer up to twice the air flow for the same outside wall diameter.

Large Energy Savings

The smooth internal wall creates very little resistance, reducing pressure drop to an absolute minimum, which increases the flow efficiency and leads to significant energy savings, especially with larger compressed air set-ups.

Rigid with Minimal Supports

Aluminium piping is both lightweight and exceptionally rigid, requiring less than half the usual supports as needed by equivalent piping systems.

No Water-Collecting Sags

There is no risk of sagging (and resulting water accumulation), and even in adverse climates the piping stays straight.

Fast & Easy Installation

Alu air piping can be installed in less than half the time required with some other piping systems, and without the need of professional labour.  No special tooling is required, no welding and no glue.  The aluminium tube is simply cut to length by a tube cutter and fastened to framing, walls and concrete by support brackets.

Large Range

The Alu Air range with nylon fittings is available in 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 63mm OD pipe sizes, to suit most small to medium applications.  It is suitable for inert gases, and some water (subject to strict pre-testing requirements).

Add to Suit Later

The saddle clamps are designed to be added to the piping system at any point, enabling a dropper or extension to be fitted at a later point to suit changing requirements.

Push-On Fittings

The 20mm to 63mm Alu Air range utilises strong nylon push-on style fittings which can be disassembled and reused at any point down the track. This means the system can be very simply extended, altered, or completely dismantled as is so often the need with changing compressed air requirements.


With a tough anodised coating, the aluminium pipe is good for both interior and exterior use, and unlick black or galvanised pipe will not build up an air restricting crust of rust over time. In fact, Alu Air will naturally form a protective oxidation layer internally, making it impervious to further corrosion.

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