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Vixen Integrated Air Compressors

The essence of a good compressed air investment is regarded as "lifetime cost". Lifetime cost is a combination of initial capital cost, energy cost, maintenance costs and any other associated remedial costs, all added together over the lifetime of the compressor.


Vixen rotary screw air compressor
It is no surprise that Pneutech Vixen Permanent Magnet Screw Compressors boast the lowest of lifetime costs when compared with equivalent models in today’s industry.

Many businesses attribute 15-20% of their total energy costs to generating compressed air.  When replacing or installing a new air compressor, it is therefore smart to consider a high efficiency system.
Compressors are typically sized to satisfy a peak demand, which may only represent an hour or two per day.  For the rest of the day the demand can vary significantly.  A fixed speed air compressor trying to meet such a varying demand will continue to run for long periods and produce more air than you need and waste energy.
The PneuTech PM range only produces the air you need.  When installed into a business with an air demand that varies throughout the day, the savings can be significant, even as high as 60%!

How much does it cost?

As a general rule, recommended trade price for the Pneutech Vixen integrated PM compressors range from $1,000 to $1,340 per kW.   Variances due to seasonal promotions, supplier price fluctuations, exchange rates and current stock levels can reduce this down to $850 to $1,140 per kW.   Call us today for a special proposal on this Industrial Air compressor!

What is the delivery time frame?

Pneutech Vixen integrated PM compressors are available ex-stock, subject to availability.  You should allow 1-5 days for delivery depending on your location within New Zealand.


Power Savings

Vixen vs Genesis

The two graphs show the difference between the energy (electricity) cost of a 15kw Pneutech Vixen PM Screw compressor and a standard 15kw fixed speed screw compressor - with exactly the same air output.


The Test Set Up

  • Both compressors are 15kw rated.
  • Both compressors are set at 8 bar pressure. The VIXEN produces a constant 8 bar throughout, while the fixed speed fluctuates between 7.5 and 8 bar.
  • Both compressors produce 80cfm. The Pneutech VIXEN compressor produces 20-80cfm, while the fixed speed compressor produces a constant 80cfm.
  • The compressors is set up to a constant air demand of no more than 30cfm.
  • The compressors are each set to run with these settings for a 5 hour period.
Vixen compressor energy saving vs a genesis compressor

The Test Results

  • The dark blue line represents the electricity (current) consumption
  • The light blue line represents the compressed air output
  • The VIXEN graph results show a maximum current usage averaging 9.3 amps  throughout the 5hour period.
  • The Genesis fixed speed compressor shows an average current usage of 17 amps throughout the 5hour period.


VIXEN Savings

At almost half the current usage the VIXEN compressor was saving 8amps per hour.

At a typical electrical cost of $0.20/kw/hour, the VIXEN compressor was saving $1.60/hour.

Over a standard 2000 hour (8 hours/day, 5 days/week) year, this equates to a $3200 savings !


This test was conducted with both compressors running continuously.

Look out for test comparisons with the same compressors reduced to intermittent use, as  the savings are higher !

VSD Permanent Magnet Efficiency
88% Less Offload Running!  Fast Payback
  • High PM motor efficiency
  • Energy saving special dual cooling system
  • Unlimited motor start/stops per hour
  • Direct connection (no gearing)
  • Low noise

Only 68-72 dBA of noise – quiet enough to work beside, due to the specially designed sound-proof enclosure.

Check out our video here to view this compressor in action in our office!

Low Maintenance

Simple Spin on/spin off oil and separator filters ensure fast and easy maintenance, so save on cost, factory downtime and unnecessary mess, while the special encapsulated air end and separator design reduce wearing parts.

High-Efficiency Air-End
  • Large, oversized rotors for low rotational speed
  • New design - increased efficiency by 5-10%
  • Asymmetric rotor profile for increased sealing between rotors
  • Triple lip shaft seals
  • Oil and air leak-free design


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