RSCR Series Fixed Speed Compressors

Pneutech’s RSCR Series direct drive rotary screw compressors are fast becoming a status symbol for strength and solidity. Renowned for their unparalleled performance and long term reliability, these flagship screw compressors demonstrate superior design and cutting edge technology, combined with proven engineering.

RSCR Series Fixed Speed Compressors

Pneutech RSCR series rotary screw compressors are designed and engineered strong to sustain operation in the worst of Australian and New Zealand conditions.

They are built heavy to ensure relentless ‘around the clock’ use in the most industrial of mine sites, blasting booths and manufacturing plants, 365 days a year.

Compare the physical dimensions and weight of these power houses - at up to 50% larger and heavier than most other equivalent rotary compressors available, that is because Pneutech rotary screw compressors are built to last.

How much does it cost?

As a general rule, recommended trade price for the Pneutech RSCR direct-drive compressors range from $724 to $884 per kW up to 135 kW models and $640 to $690 per kW for larger models.   Variances due to seasonal promotions, supplier price fluctuations, exchange rates and current stock levels can reduce this down to $520 to $640 per kW up to 135 kW models and $460 to $500 per kW for larger models. 


Most installations also require a refrigerated dryer, filtration and air receivers - Call us today for a special proposal!

What is the delivery time frame?

Pneutech RSCR direct-drive compressors are usually only available on indent order, although 22kW to 37kW models are sometimes available ex stock.  Call us 0800-555-018 to check availability.   You should allow  3 months delivery for indent orders.

Ever Reliable with Heavy-Duty Features
  • Oversized air intake filtration for clean, trouble-free operation
  • 3-stage oil cleansing process
  • Double-sized air end spinning at less than half the RPM of similar belt-driven models
  • 30% larger after-cooler for extreme operating conditions of up to 45°C ambient temperature
Intelligent Micro Controller

Simple yet smart. Monitor the pressure, temperature, current display service cycles, system faults, on-load-off-load duty cycles. Up to 13 protection alarms including reverse rotation. Connect with other compressors or your computer for remote monitoring or interface with PneuTech’s Master Controller and operate up to 8 compressors in sequence.

Solid Steel Air & Oil Pipelines

Constructed from smooth interior solid steel tube, to eliminate the need for replacement, or risk of bursting or leakage.

High-Efficiency Air-End and Motor

German made air-ends feature special high-efficiency rotor profiles, and world-renowned Mepps 2 drive motors with class-F insulation and B temperature resistance, all combine to produce the highest-efficiency fixed speed compressor series in our fleet.


German made KTR coupler provides positive direct drive transmission technology, minimises power loss, contamination and vibration, while ensuring long-term performance.

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