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Universal and Safety Couplers

Universal high-flow, and safety couplers with double-action release mechanism, for all factory applications.

Universal and Safety Couplers The universal fittings are compatible with a large range of connectors.  The plastic body and full metal structure of the coupling guarantee sturdiness, reliability and high resistance against impacts that can normally affect the tools and devices connected to them. The sliding release system makes it possible to quickly replace the tool connected to feed with just a simple operation.
Rated for 8 bar pressure, with pre-Tefloned male thread, shock-proof plastic sleeve and nickel-plated metal body.
The safety slide couplings have a unique slide release system which makes it possible to replace tools connected to the feed with just two easy to perform operations.  The first operation (towards the male threaded bit) makes it possible to vent the pressurised air inside the tool, while the second (towards the operator) disconnects the equipment from the coupling in absolute safety.  All fittings are ISO 4414 compliant.
Pre-Tefloned male thread, shock-proof plastic sleeve and nickel-plated metal body.  Rated for 25 bar pressure @ 20°C, 15 bar pressure @ 40°C and 8 bar pressure @ 60°C.