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June, 16 2017 IAS Admin
The Babich family has been making wine in New Zealand since 1916. With 12 vineyards spread over the Henderson Valley, Hawkes Bay and Marlborough, Babich values innovation as a key part of their winemaking excellence.

The Scenario

To supply their new production facility, a reliable and cost effective nitrogen gas supply was needed.

For their production size and types of operations, ordering bottles as required with the risk of limited supply was not a sustainable or economical option.

The new winery potentially had an increased compressed air requirement as well. The initially installed compressor wasn't the most economical to run. Due to it being fixed speed, it was under-utilised during the off-season and under capacity during vintage.

The Solution

The solution was to install an in-house Nitrogen generator system so they had a consistently reliable sources of N2 gas available 24/7, 365 days a year. This delivered a much lower cost per metre cubed than bottled or liquid form.

In order to do this, an increased compressed air supply was required. This would involve installing a larger variable speed compressor that operated to match varying air demand. This would bring energy savings, having only to pay for the compressed air used.

After looking at several options, Babich decided to go with Industrial Air Systems NZ and their Pneutech brand. We designed, supplied and installed the complete Pneutech nitrogen plant, comprising of a 55kW VSD screw compressor, a standalone refrigerated dryer, a 4/stage auto draining filtration, a PN2 Nitrogen Generator (40M3/hr at 99.9% purity) and storage vessels.

Delivery and Installation

We had a very short time frame to have the plant supplied and completely operational but we managed to deliver it ahead of schedule. To date the Pneutech compressed air and nitrogen plant has operated faultlessly, delivering consistent and quality gas even during high demand use.

We also service this low-maintenance plant from our Christchurch base. We also have a 24/7 local call-out service assurance if it's ever required.

Babich are happy to recommend Industrial Air Systems NZ and their Pneutech compressed air and Nitrogen plant installation.

Contact us if you'd like to know more about the solutions that Industrial Air NZ can offer your business.
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