The Advantage of a Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor

July, 11 2017 IAS Admin

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Pneutech RSCRV series rotary compressors are designed and engineered strong to sustain operation in the worst of Australian and New Zealand conditions.

They are built heavy to ensure relentless ‘around the clock’ use in the most industrial of mine sites, blasting booths and manufacturing plants, 365 days a year.

Compare the physical dimensions and weight of these power houses – at up to 50% larger and heavier than most other equivalent rotary compressors available. That is because Pneutech rotary screw compressors are built to last.


Oversized air intake filtration ensures the high performance and precision machined rotors are kept in clean pristine condition for trouble free operation.
The 3-stage oil cleansing process with extra-large oil separator tank allows for up to 8,000 hour oil change intervals, as the lubricant passes through the stringent purifying process, providing ultimate lubrication to the heavy-duty bearing assemblies. Utilising a double sized air end, and spinning at less than half the RPM of similar belt driven models, the Pneutech RSCRV series screw compressor is ever reliable.


Large open access cabinet, quick release service panels on every side, and spin on/off filtration aids fast routine maintenance, reducing downtime. With superior direct coupled transmission, internal contamination is kept to an absolute minimum, reducing the frequency of filter and lubricant change.

Solid steel and reliable seamless tubing provides a safe leak-free environment, while the slow revving air end makes for more stable temperature control, reducing metal fatigue and consequent machine wear. These are just some of the reasons why Pneutech RSCRV series require less maintenance.


With a substantially reduced maintenance factor, Pneutech RSCRV series compressors also reduce factory downtime to a minimum, promoting sustained productivity.

The direct drive transmission ensures more energy is transferred to the revolving rotors, with minimal loss, while the oversized air end can sustain longer operating hours before any overhaul is required.

Pneutech direct-to-factory parts supply, ensures service rates are kept very competitive and in some instances the overall Pneutech operating cost can be less than half that of other equivalent models.


There is no compromise in compressed air quality. The Pneutech multiple oil separation system, means 99.9% of all oil contamination is removed from the exiting compressed air supply, while the large air/water cooled radiators ensure the air is comparatively dry and moisture-free.

This quality compressed air supply is maintained 100%, and whether the environment is icy cold or hot and desert-like, whether dry and dusty or very humid, the Pneutech RSCRV series screw compressor can be relied upon to keep you in business.

The Pneutech RSCRV series VSD (variable speed drive) rotary screw compressors will bring you substantial energy savings with the result of significantly lowering your electricity account. VSD technology will also increase the working lifetime of the rotary screw compressor – by reducing the working load and unnecessary wear and tear.

Pneutech not only provide guaranteed compressed air to a quality that meets and exceeds your expectations but also takes responsibility for your compressed air system and will stand behind its operation and performance for as long as you require it.

With over 170 years combined involvement in the compressed air industry, Pneutech bring unparalleled knowledge and experience. From spinning spanners to air management programming, from changing filters, to design-and-build complex compressed air systems. Pneutech has done it all.

The unparalleled Gold Guarantee which we offer on RSCRV compressors, provides you with completed peace of mind for 10 years* when run in conjunction with the master maintenance plan. Simply set it and forget.

Pneutech’s unique maintenance programme removes the hassle of organising your own service, the risk of factory breakdowns and the pressure of locating standby air. Our Master Maintenance programme plan provides complete piece of mind.

Pneutech RSCRV rotary screw compressors will continue pumping air around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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*Conditions apply – see Gold Guarantee info sheet.

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