Poultry Processor – Christchurch

Poultry Processor

In 2015 this South Island based poultry processor and hatchery was operating older compressed air equipment which was due for major overhaul. High maintenance costs were also becoming an issue.

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Industrial Air Systems was able to offer a very competitive price for a complete new compressed air set-up, which the customer decided was a better option than repairing their old compressor. A particular advantage was also the fact that the new compressor was variable speed drive, which meant that with the customer’s fluctuating air demands, they would be able to enjoy large power savings for their operation.

The customer stated this: “Back in November 2015, it worked out cheaper to buy a new compressor rather than service the old one. Cost was the critical factor. Also, a quieter machine was needed. Industrial Air Systems came to our attention at just the right time and I decided to contact them. We installed the new compressor ourselves but servicing is dealt with by Industrial Air. It's all worked out fine.” - Jason.

The customer kept their old compressor as a standby unit, for use during servicing, and has continued to enjoy excellent service from Industrial Air, stating after the recent service “the technician does a good job”
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