Fix compressed air leaks and stop leaks from your bank account

Did you know that one leaking air fitting could be costing you up to $600 per year in wasted energy, and that it’s common for up to 30% of your compressed air energy costs to be wasted on leaks?

Multiply that by the number of fittings and pipe leaks in your factory – just imagine how much money could be bleeding out of your bank account each year!

We are the experts in leak detection and repair – booking in a test with us will ensure:

  • Leak sizes are determined along with potential savings per year.
  • Each leak is tagged with a number, and details of the leak.
  • A detailed report with a photograph of each leak is provided along with recommended actions.
  • Industry leading detection equipment is used so that even the smallest leak is found.

Don't wait! Book your test today to find out how much you could save PLUS with every test confirmed this month, we will conduct a FREE 20-point compressed air assessment and report of your entire plant, including any further recommendations on how to save on operating costs in your factory. 

Request a leak detection test now by filling in the form.

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